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West Coast Shit

from Blue Collar Worker [Mixtape] by MC FÜBB



On some West-coast type shit
on some west-coast type shit…

rockin’ on some west coast type shit
tho I never been there, the vibe I like it
never been to Oakland, never seen Compton
no I’m not a thug, not about gun-poppin’
reppin’ for the T-dot, city full of options
I love it to death despite all of its problems
the level of creativity in my city is incredible
so many different restaurants, my city’s so edible
graffiti on the walls seldom legible
every single rapper in my city think they standing on a pedestal
egocentricity and inauthenticity
the real show love and the fake fall pitifully
I consider hip hop as a gift to me
You use it to abuse it? then you lookin’ like a bitch to me
haters can’t get to me, because I be, standing at a distance
but I know that I’m hittin ‘em cuz they show resistance

rockin’ on some west coast type shit
rockin’ on some west coast type shit

regardless where you from or what city you be reppin’
hip hop is universal, touching every corner and section
and location on the map, it’s boom-bap
attack with the raps, get you high like a dime-sack
still I gotta rep my city, that’s where I’m at
the H3 Cypher where you find the dope rhymes at
vivid verbal pictures like an IMAX
bustin like climax
lyrical hijacks
of your synapses
mind-state captures
via steppin into my lyrical raptures
rappers is actors
their whole frame fractures
when I expose them as straight manufactured
flows jacked, bastards
ya’ll could stand with these MCs
rhymes so deep make your soul feel empty
tempt me? hold yo ass in contempt, B
you the flavour of the month, my poetry lasts centuries

rockin’ on some west coast type shit
rockin’ on some west coast type shit


from Blue Collar Worker [Mixtape], released May 21, 2010
“Jus Lyke Compton” instrumental by DJ Quik.




MC FÜBB Toronto, Ontario

Transforming the world through rhyme, one listener as a time...

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