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Bonus Track

from Foundations [EP] by MC FÜBB



MC FÜBB sensation coming right across your nation
I surpass assimilation, lyrical assassination
of the bullshit conversation seeking annihilation
and death and desecration to my verbal transformation
I developed it through patience, through my wilful dedication
bring emancipation to the soul incarceration
to people of races I will make association,
grow a plantation to the enforce the foundation,
this rapping federation isn’t basing on the hating
or sedation of elation to the vocal elevation
here’s the demonstration, you don’t like it, change the station
this is not a connotation, feel the intonation, what I’m saying:
we don’t need to bring our own destruction,
meeting at the junction to get the brain suction,
lose the mind function so the game can’t operate,
turn hip hop to a mockery? this I can’t tolerate

It’s no upside-down kingdom or a castle in the sky,
I’m laying the foundations for the future here’s why:
without a foundation, your house will collapse
likewise, with no foundation, most these rappers are spitting crap!
been through hell and I’m not going back
I’ma stay on my track
mind sober, can’t afford to relapse
so if I hear ‘em spit wacks, I’ma melt ‘em like wax
turn the heat up on these iced-out rappers, their bound to crack

writing like a titan, like a sniper I be sighting
the words that I’m reciting gonna tell you why I’m fighting
for the greater wrong to righten, yo the cause is so inviting
clench my verbal fist, make the dark world brighten
I penetrate to infiltrate, through the cracks I percolate
rhyming start to circulate, never to impersonate
hating isn’t worth the hate, they violate to compensate
violence come to bring the fate, silence to emancipate
the symptoms of another state that dealers wanna instigate
I descend through the valley-great so rappers can retaliate
eliminate the bitter taste dictating the race
to sit and wait until the date that we will pass through golden gates
unto a place you never heard, make your life swerve
talking shit like you the man, but you do not deserve
to even be called a rapper, you just get on people’s nerves
might not like the taste, but your dinner is served

couldn’t wait for fate cuz I surpassed passed that mind-state
had to create, like De La Soul set a grind-date
sometimes when I rap, I sound irate
but that’s only because I think that society tries to dictate
the way we livin’, way we’re raising our children
the way we’re driven, all of this just to prevent us from building
a new foundation, here’s a new revelation,
conversation some don’t want us to have,
yo I start getting mad
it’s like that mic., they don’t want me to grab
sharp with the vocab, hours spent in the lab
just so I could get my message across,
so many lost, thinking that ice to floss is the endgame?
ha! a platinum chain around your neck is still a chain
even free physically, we’re locked down inside our brains
it’s a crying shame, man I’m sick of the crying game
gone through the growing pains, passed through the glowing flame
despite it all, yo, I overcame
now you’ve gotta know the name

I don’t have time to listen to the criticism
my mission requires precision, I got a vision
I can grip it in my hand, it’s unmistakable ‘cause
I’ve seen images of what we are capable of
the potential force pounds like my heart ventricle
possibilities wrap my brain like a tentacle
try not to be cynical, believe in the miraculous
but negative states of mind are constantly attacking us
smacking us, telling us that we’re insufficient
but the myth of self-worth has got us trapped in a prison
so that’s why I’ve risen up, to get ya’ll to listen up
hittin’ up your ears with the message that’s it’s enough
of sitting and waiting for the world to get better
while we’re hating on each other instead of building together
acting like we’ll be living forever
but we only live forever through our deeds
we satisfy our needs, then we drink and smoke weed
succumbing to greed, yes indeed
it’s a sad state of affairs
but no-one seems to care, content to just stare
out our skulls, we’re drifting like ships with no hull
in shark infested water, like lambs to the slaughter
sometimes I wonder about our sons and daughters
all these little kids, boys and girls
it’s for THEM that we gotta make a difference in the world


from Foundations [EP], released September 23, 2009
DJ Xplisit on the beatbox + cuts.


all rights reserved



MC FÜBB Toronto, Ontario

Transforming the world through rhyme, one listener as a time...

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