Quality Control [Single]

by Crossword feat L the 12th Letter and MC FÜBB



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Quality Control is in full effect
Wack emcees watch out - Crossword, L the 12th Letter and MC FÜBB are on patrol.

TORONTO - In a world full of fakers and wannabes, wack rappers run amok. Luckily, Toronto emcees Crossword, L the 12th Letter and MC FÜBB are on the case, applying Quality Control to offenders of the culture and perpetrators of wackness. In the video for "Quality Control," directed by Jason Matos, the trio roam the T-dot streets in search of the real. They encounter a number of spitters that simply don't make the cut, and combat them with insightful lyrics, provocative flows and passionate deliveries. Wack emcees will be graded, written up, stamped down and aired out, not to mention have their girls taken from them. The moral of the story? Don't be a lame. Crossword, L the 12th Letter and MC FÜBB will call you out on it all day.

Wack Stamp not included.


released December 19, 2011
@CrosswordMC - @Lthe12thLetter - @MCFUBB
Director: Jason Matos - @jasonmatos
Video Op: Luc Capasso - @CapassoLuc
Producer: CJ Beatz NYC - @CJBeatzNYC
Recorded, mixed & mastered by DJ Mercilless


all rights reserved


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